Adtoniq Powers Sustainable Advertising for the Blocked Web

Adtoniq helps publishers generate new advertising revenue with sustainable advertising for the ad blocked web. Our first product is a WordPress plugin that you can install in a minute and then start measuring your TruBlock™ rate, the most accurate system on the planet for detecting and reporting on ad blockers. Adtoniq gives you the tools to communicate with your blocked audience, protect content selectively from blocked users, integrate with paywalls, and coming soon a new product that can unblock literally any technology on your website currently being blocked, from ad servers like DoubleClick and AdSense to analytics systems like Google Analytics and Omniture. See our examples with your ad blocker on to get some ideas of what you can do with Adtoniq.

Installing Adtoniq on WordPress

If you are a WordPress administrator you can install Adtoniq and get up and running in minutes by going to the Download page. For other content management systems, contact Adtoniq for details.

Adblock Analytics

Adtoniq injects JavaScript into your pages that will accurately measure your ad block rate on desktop and mobile web browsers. Read our Analytics documentation to learn more about how this works.

WordPress Shortcodes

Read about Adtoniq WordPress shortcodes to learn how you can target any WordPress content specifically to your ad blocked audience, or to your non-blocked audience. This provides the building blocks to communicate with your ad blocked audience. Another shortcode integrates with CoinTent, a popular content micropayment system, allowing you to charge for content to blocked users while giving it away for free to your non-blocked audience as an incentive to white list you.

JavaScript API

Adtoniq has a callback API that allows a web developer to build a customized ad block experience for your audience. For example, you could show a message to your ad blocked audience, possibly asking them to take some action such as white-listing you, or signing up for a subscription. You could also protect parts of your website from ad blocked viewers. See our JavaScript API documentation for more information.