TruBlock™ Analytics

TruBlock™ is our platform for accurately detecting and recording information about your ad blocked audience. Once you install Adtoniq on your website, it records ad block analytics on every page view, except for those requests that come from robots that identify themselves as such, such as search engines like Google. This information is stored securely on Adtoniq’s servers. We are currently researching how to best filter out evil bots that hide their intentions, but at this time Adtoniq may report page views from evil bots.

Monthly & Realtime Adblock Rate


You can view your analytics by clicking on the Adtoniq gear icon on the left side of your WordPress administrative interface. Adtoniq breaks down your traffic into three groups color coded red, yellow, and green. Green is your unblocked audience, those with no ad blocker enabled. Note that these users may in fact have an ad blocker installed, but may have whitelisted your website. Yellow and red represent two parts of your blocked audience. Yellow represents ad blocked users who have opted into acceptable ads, and red represents those users who have opted out of acceptable ads.

Both graphs show a rolling time window. The graph on the left shows the last 30 days as of the moment the page loads, and the realtime graph shows the last 30 minutes and is updated in realtime every few seconds to show current traffic on your site.

Acceptable Ads

acceptableadslogoAcceptableAds is an advertising standard supported my many ad blockers that seeks “to create a sustainable middle ground between the user’s choice to use ad blockers and the continued need to support free online content with advertisements.” Because the most popular ad blockers come with AcceptableAds enabled by default, it is likely that a significant percentage of your ad blocked audience already has acceptable ads enabled. But exactly how many of your ad blocked viewers actually have acceptable ads enabled? How can you know if you don’t measure it?

Adtoniq measures the exact number of your viewers that have acceptable ads enabled, so that you can make sound business decisions around whether or how you as a publisher want to support AcceptableAds.

Verifying Adtoniq Analytics are working properly

You can test Adtoniq’s analytics on a server that no one else is accessing, such as a test server, by navigating to any page on your server with or without an ad blocker, and verifying that your page view is accurately reflected in the realtime analytics within a few seconds of your page view. In other words, make sure that the proper red/yellow/green color is updated. Adtoniq performs extensive testing on many different ad blockers and browsers, on both desktop and mobile, and including network-based ad blockers.

In addition, you can create a visual test page on your website like our Ad Block Test page, by following these instructions.

Information stored by Adtoniq

For every page view on your site whether or not the user has an ad blocker, the following information is transmitted from the user’s browser to Adtoniq’s Analytics servers:

  1. Number of ad units on the page
  2. Timestamp of page view
  3. Whether or not ads were blocked by an ad blocker.
  4. Whether or not the user has acceptable ads enabled
  5. Website and path of page view

What do I do once I know my ad block rate?

Once you know your true ad block rate, you can design an ad block remediation strategy to meet the needs of your audience. This may include using the JavaScript API to interact with your ad blocked audience, asking them to white list you, protecting some or all of your content from ad blocked users, and much more. Look for articles coming soon on this website, providing examples and descriptions of ad block remediation strategies you can take. Also Adtoniq is close to delivering several major new products to market that could be part of your overall ad block solution. Contact Adtoniq for details on our upcoming products.