What is Adtoniq?

Adtoniq will increase your advertising revenue by helping you create sustainable advertising for the blocked web. Our first product is a WordPress plugin that you can install in a minute and then start measuring your TruBlock™ rate. Once you establish your TruBlock™ rate, you can move forward to design a strategy to monetize your ad blocked web.

What exactly does Adtoniq do?

With Adtoniq you can accurately measure the number of ad blocked users you have, communicate directly with your ad blocked audience to offer them choices that increase your revenue, protect content on your site from ad blocked users as an incentive to make a choice, and integrate with a paywall to offer subscription options in addition to whitelisting or other choices. All of this allows you to generate revenue from your blocked web. Read more about our features. or check out this example.

Where do I get Adtoniq?

You can download Adtoniq from our website for no charge and get free access to our servers for up to 100,000 page views per month. We are working on getting into the WordPress marketplace and will publish the link to our page there once we are approved.

How much does Adtoniq cost?

There is no charge for using Adtoniq for up to 100,000 page views per month. You can purchase additional capacity by signing up for one of our subscriptions.

How can I tell if Adtoniq is right for me?

If you have a WordPress site and you’re making at least $1,000 per year in advertising, Adtoniq can generate new revenue for you by unleashing the potential in your blocked web. Follow our five step guide for evaluating Adtoniq, which leads you through estimating the value of your blocked web, and includes strategies on how to realize that revenue, along with working examples. Adtoniq also provides ad block experts and consulting services to work with you to craft a customized strategy for monetizing your unique blocked web audience. Contact us for more information about our consulting services.

Who is using Adtoniq?

Publishers large and small are currently using Adtoniq, but this information is currently confidential so we can not yet disclose which publishers are using Adtoniq. We “eat our own dogfood” and use Adtoniq on our own websites. See our live examples to see Adtoniq in action.

What does Adtoniq NOT yet do (coming soon)?

Coming soon, Adtoniq will allow you to enable any service that has been disabled by ad blockers, including ad servers, analytics systems, testing systems, measurement systems, data management tools, and anything else that gets blocked by ad blockers. Contact us for information on our upcoming services, and whether you can participate in our early access program.