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How to test Adtoniq

Adtoniq is technology you add to your webserver to monetize your ad blocked web, and like any new technology you should evaluate it first in a test environment before putting it into production. This posting covers how to evaluate Adtoniq in your test and production environments so you can maximize the additional revenue you could generate from your blocked web by using Adtoniq.

These are the steps for evaluating Adtoniq:

  1. Install Adtoniq on a test server for analytics collection only and validate that your test server functions properly. The installation should take your WordPress administrator less than an hour to install, usually about 15 minutes. Validating that your test server continues to work properly will take however much time you want to invest in ensuring that your site continues to function normally, but we expect no observable changes to your website behavior other than the operation of our code. There are no other changes needed to your website, tag manager, JavaScript includes, or anything else you need to do for testing.
  2. Perform the same installation on your production server and collect analytics for 30 days.
  3. Estimate the potential revenue that could be locked up in your blocked web. Adtoniq offers a service to help you estimate this, based on numbers you have in your advertising systems.
  4. Examine the demographics of your blocked audience, to understand how that differs if at all from your unblocked demographics. Adtoniq offers a service to help you analyze this. You use this information to inform the next step.
  5. Design and deploy a strategy for monetizing your blocked web, built on the Adtoniq platform. This may include a combination of messaging, content protection, showing ads, and multivariate testing as needed. Adtoniq offers a service to help you design and implement these strategies.

You can perform all of these steps yourself without ever contacting Adtoniq by using the technical information on this website. Because ad blocking is such a rapidly evolving field, we recommend that you contact Adtoniq to craft a sustainable advertising strategy that will allow you to generate the maximum revenue from your blocked web.

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