Impact on privacy

Impact on privacy

Information stored by Adtoniq

When you install Adtoniq on your website, it will begin collecting analytics about all your visitors. Adtoniq uses a dual strategy for collecting analytics, by using Google Analytics for demographic correlation, and Adtoniq’s own integrated analytics for accuracy. For every page view on your site whether or not the user has an ad blocker, the following information is transmitted to both Adtoniq and Google Analytics:

  1. Number of ad units on the page
  2. Timestamp of page view
  3. Whether or not ads were blocked by an ad blocker.
  4. Whether or not the user’s ad blocker has acceptable ads enabled
  5. Whether or not the user’s ad blocker has element hiding enabled
  6. Website and path of page view

For each page view, Google Analytics:stores additional information as described in their Tracking Code Overview documentation.

Cookies we drop

Adtoniq analytics drops no cookies of its own for basic analytics operations, though Google Analytics may drop its own cookies (see link above). If you present a message to blocked users that should be dismissed after being read, Adtoniq will drop a cookie to record the fact that a user read the message and should be presented with the message again.