Message in ad unit with timer

If you view this page with an ad blocker enabled, you’ll see a message in the top most ad unit on the right asking you to disable your ad blocker. In addition, a 70 second count-down timer gives you some time to access the web site without ads. After the timer expires, the page is blurred out and then you are locked out of this page for 24 hours (unless you disable your ad blocker). In addition, all links and controls are deactivated, preventing someone from navigating your site. Right click and drag-and-drop on images are also disabled to prevent users from easily copying your images.

The timer is maintained across page views, so as the user navigates across your site the clock keeps ticking down. If you navigate away from this page and come back, you can see that the countdown timer remembers where you are.

This approach gives your audience some time to get a taste for what your site is like so they can determine for themselves whether they want to disable their ad blocker. It’s up to you to convince them that doing so is worth it.

When the user has more than one minute left, the text is white. Less than 60 seconds shows yellow, while under 30 shows red. This feature requires using Adtoniq’s built-in rich text editing.

This demonstrates both messaging as well as timed content protection. This approach is more heavy handed than messaging alone, and you risk losing some ad blocked users that are not willing to view your ads in order to see your content.