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Performance Impact of Adtoniq on your website

Publishers today should look at their page load time as a key performance indicator, and we understand that this is important, so we have designed Adtoniq to ensure it will have minimal impact on your performance. When you add Adtoniq to your website, it will inject about 11K of JavaScript inline into your pages for ad block detection and analytics. It makes no asynchronous calls to load additional information. At 3G mobile speeds, this can add up to a few milliseconds to your page load time, which is not noticeable, and at WIFI speeds makes no measurable difference in your page load time.

Adtoniq will consume less than 1 ms of CPU processing time to detect ad blockers and send analytics.

Adtoniq uses one AJAX call to send analytics information to its servers. The total size of data sent is about 500 bytes and has no effect on performance.

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