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Feature Up to 100K views / month Up to 1M views / month Up to 5M views / month Above 5M views / month
TruBlock™ Analytics (required) Free Contact Us
ShortCodes Free Contact Us
JavaScript API Free Contact Us
All Features Pack Free Contact Us

You are free to use Adtoniq up to 100,000 pageviews per month, during which time you have full access to Adtoniq’s servers and other ad block services. If you get close to exceeding your monthly quota, Adtoniq will send a warning email to the email address you use when registering.

After you exceed your monthly quota, Adtoniq’s servers will no longer accept additional analytics data, nor will it keep your website up to date as new ad block threats emerge. However, your website will continue to function normally as we do not disable or alter your website in any way if you exceed your quota. You can purchase additional capacity on our servers to store your analytics and manage your account, or wait for your monthly period to expire to renew your 100,000 pageview credit.

Purchase the features you need, according to how many pageviews your website generates. Each feature can be purchased separately, although TruBlock™ Analytics is required. You can pay monthly, or get a 20% discount if you pay yearly. Take off an additional 20% if you purchase all features.

Contact us using the chat widget on the lower left of this page during our business hours (6am – 6pm PST) if you have any questions or problems. Or use our contact us page for other ways to communicate with us.