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Public vs. Private Servers

When you register your Adtoniq plugin, Adtoniq will verify whether your webserver is publicly accessible. If it is not, you’ll get a warning message linking to this page to explain more. Because Adtoniq’s servers must be able to reach your web servers to deliver updates, your web servers must be publicly available on the internet in order for Adtoniq to continue to function properly. This should be the case for all production web servers.

However for development or staging servers including “localhost” servers, many times those servers are not publicly available. You can still install Adtoniq on private servers for testing purposes, however Adtoniq will not be able to reach your server as needed to ensure continued operation. Adtoniq will still work initially, it’s just that it won’t automatically receive updates and as a result, it may eventually stop working properly.

If your private web server stops working, you can manually update your server by clicking on the Update JavaScript now button in the Adtoniq interface, which will force an immediate update.

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