Sustainable Advertising

If you are among the growing number of people who uses an ad blocker, we’d like to let you know the steps we’ve taken to give you a better online experience. If you use an ad bliocker, it’s likely because you find advertising annoying and distracting, you’re worried about your privacy, whether ads have malware in them, and you probably don’t want to use up your mobile data plan for advertising. We get it. We use ad blockers too.

We want to give you free access to all our content in exchange for disabling your ad blocker on our site. We support the acceptable ad criteria described here, that is also supported by some of the leading ad blocking solutions like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.  But we don’t think those criteria go far enough, so we also support the IAB’s LEAN guidelines. But even that does not go far enough, so we implemented our own malvertising prevention program to prevent malware from infecting our users. If you put all these principles together, you end up with light-weight, non-annoying ads that won’t invade your privacy and generates some ad revenue for us, which helps us pay our bills.

You have these choices:

  1. Keep your ad blocker on, enjoy most of our content for free, and pay for the bits you really want to see.
  2. Keep your ad blocker on, but disable it when you want to read something on our site we’re reserving for our non-blocked users.
  3. White list us and you’ll only see what we call sustainable ads and you’ll get all our content for free