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What happens when your quota runs out?

All Adtoniq accounts have a monthly pageview quota that limits the maximum number of pageviews that Adtoniq’s servers will process.  Your quota starts when you register your account with Adtoniq, and then renews at the exact same time one month later. For example, if you register at 4:20pm on a February 1st, your quota will renew at that same time on March 1st.

By default, all accounts start off with a 100,000 pageview per month quota for no charge. You are free to use all of Adtoniq’s features up to that number of pageviews per month. After that, you can increase your monthly quota by purchasing one of our price plans.

If you use up your monthly quota before your monthly cycle ends, the following happens:

  • Adtoniq’s analytic’s servers will not record analytics from your website
  • JavaScript updates from Adtoniq servers necessary to keep your adblock detection working stop being received.
  • The JavaScript API and Shortcodes will no longer work, preventing you from communicating with your blocked web.
  • You will not be able to view Adtoniq analytics from our servers

You will receive an email at the address you used during registration when your quota is 95% full, notifying you of your options. At that time, you can either choose to wait until your quota renews, or purchase a quota upgrade.

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