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What is TruBlock™?

TruBlock™ is Adtoniq’s technology platform for bringing you the most accurate and reliable ad block detection and analytics in the world. We are fanatical in our commitment to bring you accurate ad block analytics because there are so many broken solutions on the market, and without accurate data you are flying blind. How can you know which ad block solutions actually work? How about if you choose an ad block vendor that actually tests their code against all the most popular ad blocking solutions out there on both desktop and mobile? When we release our software, our quality assurance team tests hundreds of combinations of browsers, operating systems, mobile devices, and ad blocking solutions.

Ad blockers are evolving and updating literally multiple times per day. How can we ensure that Adtoniq works in the face of the army of developers building ad block solutions? We have built automated systems that constantly test Adtoniq against the latest version of the most popular ad block solutions. This is costly to build, but if you do not have this level of commitment to detecting ad blocking, how else can you ensure that your solution is the best? If you’re looking at other ad block detection solutions, ask yourself this question: How many ad blockers do they detect? Do they even know? Don’t you want to know?

We occasionally test competing platforms to see how we stack up against our competition. You can read the results of our test with PageFair here. We’ve tested other platforms too with similar results but have not yet published our test results.

TruBlock™ will give you one of three critically important numbers you need to evaluate the revenue potential locked up in your blocked web: How many ad blocked users do you really have? You can read more about how to calculate the value of your blocked web here.

Once you install Adtoniq, our servers will contact your content management system at least once per day with secure updates designed to ensure that your ad block solution continues to work 100%. This is similar to the way your antivirus software works, that receives regular updates as new virus threats evolve. Only we’re defending you against evolving ad blockers, as opposed to evolving viruses.

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