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What makes Adtoniq different?

Adtoniq is different from other solutions on the market because:

  1. The TruBlock platform upon which Adtoniq is built detects all ad blockers on desktop and mobile.
  2. TruBlock can reliably report analytics without being blocked by ad blockers.
  3. We constantly test our code against all leading ad blockers to ensure we deliver on the previous two claims, something most of our competitors appear not to do based on our testing of them.
  4. Adtoniq can ensure the integrity of any web service that is broken by ad blockers.
  5. A complete deployment on a new web server typically takes a few minutes.
  6. Adtoniq supports Sustainable Advertising giving ad block users what they have been asking for, hopefully leading to peace not war.
  7. But if it comes to war, our server-to-server architecture and other proprietary security software will allow us to win this war.
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