Whitelist or micropayment example

Adtoniq integrates with CoinTent so you can offer your ad blocked audience the opportunity to micropay for microcontent (an article, a video, etc.) as an alternative to whitelisting you. The example shown on this page uses our ad block technology whitepaper as microcontent to motivate you to turn off your ad blocker (or pay us a quarter dollar). Non-blocked users can download the whitepaper right away. However blocked users are given three choices:

  1. Whitelist (disable) your ad blocker on this site
  2. Purchase the whitepaper for $0.25 and keep your ad blocker on
  3. Don’t purchase and don’t whitelist – just keep browsing with your ad blocker on, but you won’t get the protected content.

In addition, non-blocked users are given a message thanking them for not using an ad blocker.

Obviously we hope the value of the technology whitepaper is sufficient to motivate the reader to take actions 1 or 2, but the third choice remains open too.

Contrast this approach with other sites that lock blocked users out of the site altogether. Forbes is a good example of this all or nothing approach, and The Atlantic is similar except that they give you their home page as the only page you can view with your ad blocker enabled. This example shows a softer approach that gives your blocked readers more choices.