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Why Adtoniq updates your JavaScript

Fundamental to Adtoniq’s accuracy and reliability is the concept that the JavaScript used for ad block detection must be constantly updated. It also can’t be included out-of-line because that is trivial to defeat, meaning that is must be included inline and it must be constantly updated. Adtoniq’s servers securely contact your CMS on a regular basis to update the JavaScript that is used for ad block detection and analytics. Think of this like an update for your virus scanner, except that it’s to ensure the continued operation of Adtoniq. This happens automatically as needed.

You can view the last date and time at which your JavaScript was updated inside the Adtoniq WordPress plugin admin screen. If for some reason your server was off line or otherwise unavailable for an update, you can force an update by clicking the force update button. Normally you will not need to use this feature.

If you cache your HTML pages in a CDN, you should consider whether you want to update your CDN when Adtoniq updates its JavaScript. If you do not update your CDN your pages will likely continue to function normally even without the JavaScript updates. This is much like if your let your antivirus subscription expire, it will still protect you. However if a new ad block threat emerges that is fixed in a JavaScript update, those pages may lose their Adtoniq functionality until you update your CDN. The rest of your page functionality will not be affected, except to the extent that you rely on Adtoniq to communicate with or otherwise serve your ad blocked audience.

There is a way to resolve this problem by updating (invalidating) the HTML pages in your CDN when the JavaScript is updated. If this is required for your implementation, Adtoniq can provide consulting services to work with your developers to update your CDN as needed to write the code to ensure your ad block functionality continues to function even as new ad block threats emerge that we can not envision today.

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